Diana exudes experience, energizing you in the first half of her yin-yang class, and then slowly and wonderfully opening the body in the second half of the class. Each time I take her class, I stretch substantially further into the different positions and also feel more balanced and more empowered at the same time. Diana has a warmth to her character that is immediately apparent, always relaxing and gently encouraging. I love her classes!

Alison S. – Wakefield, QC. 

Diana is an exceptional yoga teacher.  Peace, quietness, and strength emanate from her.  Diana is a very knowledgeable instructor.  She is exceptionally astute in her modifications which enable differing individuals to get full benefits from the postures.    Diana incorporates massages in her class which is wonderful.  I leave her class just floating out the door, feeling peaceful and strong.

Gail C. – Edelweiss, QC. 

I look forward to Diana’s class every week. It’s a great way for me to relax and enjoy some me time while at work. She is patient, knowledgeable, insightful and professional. Diana’s positive energy is infectious, I leave every class feeling calmer, stronger and happier; for this I can’t thank her enough.

Alison K – Corporate Student, Ottawa, ON.

I’ve been practicing Yoga with Diana for over a year now. In Diana’s class, I feel relaxed and inspired. She has the ability to convey different messages about yoga throughout the class, from the beneficial effects of the yoga postures, to thoughts that will help us find a purpose in our day… practicing yoga with Diana is an excellent experience!!

Angeles A – Corporate Student, Ottawa, ON.

Diana has been my yoga teacher for the last year. Her calmness and peace of mind immediately make me feel like I’m in good hands. She has taught me the benefits of yoga not only by her words but also by showing me the importance of a healthy mind in a healthy body. She will transport you into the inner part of your soul and make you relax without any effort. Her class is good for beginners or more advance yogis; she will adjust her teaching accordingly. She is a trusted, good listener and easy to get in touch with. Her professionalism clearly demonstrates her knowledge and expertise in yoga. I highly recommend you meet Diana and enjoy her “joie de vivre” and her high quality class.

Mariane T – Corporate Student, Ottawa, ON.

I cherish the class that I attend with Diana. She is calm and gentle, and creates an excellent ambiance for the classes. The classes are calming, yet energizing at the same time. A perfect antidote to hectic lives!

Gail F. – Edelweiss, QC.