Breathe, Balance…Be

Meditation to help us stay calm and centered in a world designed to pull us away from ourselves


Meditation helps me to deal with life’s inevitable challenges in a more positive and healthy way, which translates into living a more productive, calm, focused and overall happier life. I wanted to help my students experience this for themselves so I built meditation into every class. Our world is set up to distract us and take us away from connecting to our true selves. As a result, we must consciously apply meditation and mindfulness in our day to help us stay centred and true to ourselves, true to our path and the life we’re meant to live, not the life that others want us to live. If we do not live our lives consciously, if we’re not responding and making choices from a deeper place, our lives will continue to be stressful and out of balance. Meditation leads us back to the path of truth, the truth of who we are: peace, joy, clarity, abundance. When you live life from this place, without reacting to everyone and everything that happens around you, you start to move through the world in a more authentic, more purposeful, more focused and peaceful way. Peace exudes your being, you bring peace with you and through you into the world, you are peace. To understand how meditation works from a scientific perspective, click on the following link to an article in the Huffington Post,‘Meditation Instead of Medication’, where the author discusses how Neuroscientists, through scanning imagery, show the brain’s neuroplasticity or the ability of the brain to realign and reinterpret its world through practices like meditation.