A regular yoga practice is an effective and long-term solution to help you regain control of your health and well-being allowing you to live a happier and more fulfilled life. My yoga classes are well balanced and focus on building strength and flexibility in the body while calming the mind and central nervous system to allow for deep relaxation and rejuvenation. Since class sizes are small, there is plenty of personal one-on-one instruction and interaction. I offer a variety of classes for beginners to intermediate practitioners.

Gentle HathaThis class is perfect for people who are new to yoga or for those who would like to refresh their knowledge of the yoga postures. The key yoga postures (asanas) and breath work (pranayama) will be introduced, along with the fundamentals of meditation. This class is small to facilitate one-on-one instruction.

Yin/YangA powerful and well-balanced class that moves you through a flowing set of postures that build heat in the body (yang) in the first part of the class and then specific postures are held to allow for a deeper opening of the body’s connective tissues (yin) in the second half of the class. This class is challenging in that it increases strength, flexibility and concentration while training the mind to stay in the present moment. Gentle massage is offered prior to the final resting pose (savasana) to allow for total relaxation. Previous yoga experience required.

Hatha FlowA wonderfully rejuvenating and gently energizing class with a focus on the breath to guide students from one posture to the next. A great way to start or end your day! No previous yoga experience necessary – all levels welcome.

Prenatal YogaThis class helps mothers-to-be prepare the body for delivery. Mothers will learn how to relax and to more fully connect with themselves and their babies through the breath and by practicing gentle yoga postures. All stages of pregnancy are welcome, although its best to start a regular yoga practice as early as possible. This class is small to facilitate personal one-on-one instruction. No prior yoga experience required. Max. 6 people per session.

Power Yoga – This class challenges regular practitioners to increase their endurance, strength and flexibility while advancing the postures and focusing the mind. Intermediate level.

Yoga for the Soul – This meditative class will help you to connect to your soul through meditation, gentle asanas, breath work, and readings from the ‘Handbook for the Soul’; discussion and tea afterwards. This class is designed to create community and a place for soulful discussion. All are welcome.

Yoga for Sport – This class is designed to reduce sports related injuries by building strength and increasing flexibility. We’ll focus on key areas such as neck, shoulders, back and hips; a perfect complement to your current workout or sport. Mindful movement through the breath is encouraged to help with concentration and focus. No previous yoga experience necessary.

Stand-up Paddling (SUP) YogaEnergizing and challenging and at the same time deeply relaxing. All postures are practiced on a Stand-up paddleboard on the free flowing Gatineau River in Wakefield, Quebec. This class helps to improve your balance, core strength, breathing and concentration. Perfect for the outdoor enthusiast and those seeking to improve the postures and overall fitness. Students must be able to swim and feel comfortable on the water, prior yoga and paddling experience preferred.

SUP Basics – Get to know your board and feel confident & comfortable on the water by practicing basic SUP techniques: proper paddling, stance, using the core and shoulders etc. Registration is currently open for the summer session (June 20 – Sept. 5, 2015 or until the weather holds up!).

See Schedule for SUP & SUP Yoga class days/times. To register, email me: or call Expeditions Wakefield: 819-459-2225. Classes are weather dependent, registered students will be notified of cancellations and classes will be rescheduled. For more info. on SUP & SUP Yoga, and boards, visit the Expeditions Wakefield website.