About Me






As a Program Manager for many years, I understand the toll that prolonged stress can have on your life. Until I discovered yoga and meditation, I lived feeling anxious, overwhelmed, and low in energy as a result of work related stress. Once I began to improve my mind-body-spirit connection through yoga and meditation, I started to feel better on every level: physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally. As a certified yoga instructor and practitioner of 9 years, I’ve seen first-hand how yoga and meditation can transform lives. I wanted to be able to pass on those benefits to others, so I studied yoga and meditation with Deepak Chopra and Dr. David Simon at the Chopra Centre for Well-Being in California and completed my yoga teaching certification at Rama Lotus in Ottawa. As a yoga teacher, I’ve had the opportunity to teach people of various levels and different styles of yoga, including teaching yoga on a paddle board on the Gatineau River! For information on the services and classes that I offer, visit my services and class description pages or feel free to contact me.