Breathe, Balance…Be

Well-being is our natural state. Yoga and meditation help bring us back to that state by teaching us to slow down, relax, breathe and to develop self awareness.  When you make a commitment to your health, through mindful practices like yoga, you activate your body’s innate healing mechanisms leading to increased health and vitality.

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  • Yoga for the simple joy of it – insights from the board.

    23 Jul 2014

    When I tell people that I teach yoga on a stand-up paddle board on the free flowing Gatineau River in Wakefield, QC, I’m met with various reactions ranging from enthusiastic to skeptical. For the curious and the disapprovers alike, I’d like to share a few insights that I’ve gained while teaching on the water and […]

  • Meditation to help us stay calm and centered in a world designed to pull us away from ourselves

    7 May 2014

    Meditation helps me to deal with life’s inevitable challenges in a more positive and healthy way, which translates into living a more productive, calm, focused and overall happier life. I wanted to help my students experience this for themselves so I built meditation into every class. Our world is set up to distract us and […]

  • 15 minute Holiday Rescue Yoga

    16 Dec 2013

    Keep stress down and your practice going during the holidays with this easy 15 min. home practice you can do anywhere & anytime. This sequence of poses are yin in nature to facilitate relaxation of the body and mind and to counter the yang tendencies of the season (i.e. overdoing just about everything!) Be sure […]